Philadelphia Man Named Hero


Life changed for the worst for thousands of people in Las Vegas. Over 22,000 people attended the Country Music Festival. A gunman named Stephen Paddock opened fire at the concert. Fifty-nine people died and over 500 more were injured. People heard gun shots and immediately started running. There were also people yelling.

Mike McGarry is a financial planner who resides in Philadelphia. He has been called a hero by many people. He laid on top of people in order to protect them from the bullets. Mike stated that he is 53-years-old. Many of the people who attended the concert were in their 20s. He said that he has lived a decent life and wanted them to live longer than him. He laid on top of people and pulled a chair or table over them.

Mike is being praised all over the world for his heroic actions. He is still shaken by the incident and has not had a chance to sleep. Even though Mike is receiving a lot of praise, he thinks that his wife is the one who deserves it more than he does. Mike’s wife is a registered nurse. She applied a tourniquet to someone who had been shot.

Mike stated that he believes that anyone who was in the same position would have done the same thing. His only goal was to help other people. He does not feel like he has done anything spectacular.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is the White House Press Secretary, is one of the many people who has honored Mike. She talked about him on October 2, 2017 at the White House Briefing. Mike just wanted to attend the concert because he is a huge fan of country music. He had no idea that he would be called a hero before he left.