How Waiakea Water is Changing the Plastic Water Bottle Industry


When Waiakea Inc. received taste test awards recently for their Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, it gave the company an even bigger spotlight to shine. Since the inception of Waiakea Water in 2012, the company has been doing more than producing the best tasting water on the planet. The push towards environmental initiatives and developing a better plastic water bottle have been in the works for years, and today the company is finally being recognized for more than just one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Breaking the Mold on Plastic Bottle Production

Waiakea Water Puts the Environment at #1

It could be easy for Waiakea Inc. to ride the wave of success their award-winning Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has given them. Although the company is already using plastic made entirely out of post-recycled bottles, they knew they could do better. By teaming up with TimePlast, Waiakea Water was able to make a breakthrough after over 1,200 experiments to develop an even better plastic water bottle. The company is set to launch the world’s very first fully degradable plastic bottle, and that groundbreaking initiative is yet one of many significant leaps Waiakea Water has made toward total sustainability.

The Need for Business Accountability
Just because Waiakea Water has tapped into a Hawaiian aquifer that can produce billions of gallons of water each day does not mean the company can relax on their business accountability. It would be easy for Waiakea Water to kick back and collect profits each day and just enjoy the fact they found a limitless supply of the purest tasting water on the globe. According to Ryan Emmons, founder and CEO of Waiakea, he has a moral obligation to give back more than his company takes. From day one, Waiakea Water has been giving a percentage of their profits to local families in need, and today for every bottle sold, they donate a weeks worth of clean water to communities around the planet in desperate need of water. Part of being accountable means taking better care of the planet and its resources, part of the drive behind the need to produce a better plastic water bottle.

Better Quality Plastic Benefits Everyone
The need to develop the first fully degradable plastic water bottle is not something that will only benefit Waiakea Water, the ultimate goal is that producing these plastic bottles will preserve the resources of the planet today and for several generations moving forward. Looking at the big picture, plastic bottles being produced today will sit in landfills and degrade over the next 1,500 years or more. Those bottles wind up in the oceans and littered all over the planet, and as the population explodes over the next decade, so will that trash piling up everywhere. Ryan Emmons, founder and CEO of Waiakea says that he is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of his company by accelerating the degradation process which allows these newer plastic bottles to only have a lifespan of 15 years compared to a millennium. By being the very first bottling company to use the nano-additive with its new bottles, the benefits will be swift and also far-reaching.

The Focus on Helping Those in Need
While the company is moving along with the development and release of the first fully degradable water bottle, they are working even harder to make sure the world has access to clean water on a regular basis. There are millions of people dying because of water-born illnesses and their inability to get clean water, so Waiakea Water teamed with PumpAid to help those in need. In addition to donating money and clean water to communities around the world, Waiakea Water sends volunteers to these communities as part of the PumpAid project to install and run water pumps. The locals supply the tools and resources to install the pumps, Waiakea Water brings experience and planning to the table. The locals are taught how to run the pumps, how to access clean water, and then all about conservation. Emmons says this is part of a moral obligation his company has, and each year the company reaches more folks in need.

How Less Plastic Benefits the Planet

Waiakea Water is Revolutionizing How Bottled Water is Packaged

Plastic in traditional bottles will break down in 1,500 years, but by incorporating the additive to the manufacturing process, there are less complicated chemical links in the plastic, so it degrades extremely fast. These new nano-degraded plastic water bottles create a shorter ecological footprint and cut the company’s carbon footprint by over 65%. Being able to produce a plastic bottle that only has a 2% lifespan of a regular plastic bottle means two things, less trash piling up in landfills generations from now and less natural resources being depleted to produce and dispose of traditional plastic bottles. This socially conscious approach to making plastic water bottles will definitely have a positive impact on the entire planet.

The Immediate Future for Waiakea Water
The team at Waiakea Water seem to have their business model and environmental initiatives in order. The immediate hopes for the company is that more plastic bottle manufacturers take their lead and become more eco-conscious about the negative impact these plastic bottles are having on future generations. Emmons says that he hopes his new initiative inspires global adoption of this technology. The fact that only a pound of the new additive can alter the consistency of a thousand pounds of plastic can benefit any commercial bottling company. The low-cost application required to alter the makeup of the plastic is something every bottle manufacturing company could easily absorb, and affect the entire world in a positive way. Maybe after these companies see how much more global recognition Waiakea Water receives after the release of the new bottle, others will take that lead.

Since 2012, Waiakea Water has worked hard to give back to those in need, and today the release of the very first fully degradable plastic water bottle will help preserve the limited resources this planet has too. The mission of Waiakea Water has never changed in these few years, provide a healthier choice for water, contribute to those in need, and teach about the importance of conservation.

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