Drug Problems Surfacing in Philadelphia


There are many cities across the country that are dealing with a massive drug epidemic. Philadelphia is experiencing this issue as well. There are some cities that have been successful in fighting the drug problem. However, other cities have taken a lax approach to the issue and are still having problems.

If Philadelphia wants to improve the current living situation in the city, it needs to act quickly to combat the latest drug issue. Heroin is becoming an epidemic in many parts of the city. This is a difficult drug to combat. However, the city has the resources to fight this problem if the leaders take action quickly.


One of the most important aspects in solving a drug problem is providing people education on the subject. No one wants to live their life as a drug addict. However, some people simply do not know how dangerous drugs are to their life. With a drug like heroin, it is common for people to get addicted the first time they use the drug. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to protect young people from using the drug.

The city recently invested thousands of dollars into a new marketing campaign designed to educate young people on the dangers of drugs. The leaders are hoping that displaying the negative impact of drugs will help young people to think twice before using them.

In addition, the local school systems are having police officers come in to discuss the various issues that drugs cause in the local communities. This is something that many students enjoy hearing about from the police. The more that schools and police can partner, the easier it will be to combat the growing drug issue.

Economic Impact

There is also an economic cost to the city of Philadelphia when so many people are using drugs. Philadelphia has a lot of positive things going for it right now in the economy. Jobs are improving, and many people are seeing an increase in wages.

However, when people are addicted to drugs, they are generally not productive members of society. There are a lot of people who struggle to live a normal life after getting addicted. If the local leaders will learn from other cities, they can successfully combat the growing drug issue that is taking place in the city.