Philadelphia Couple Describes Mass Shooting In Las Vegas


There are a few people who live in the Philadelphia area who were involved in the events that took place in Las Vegas on October 8. They recently described what they saw and heard to news reporters. A man staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas that weekend opened fire on a crowd of people who were enjoying a country music festival. Jason Aldean was on the stage when the shots started.

Katie Vika Fuhrmeister and her husband were at the event. They cry when they see each other and think about what happened and what could have happened. There wasn’t anywhere for people to go because no one knew where the shots were coming from. The only thing that people knew was that they had to seek cover. Some people looked to the sky while others looked directly around them. Some people thought that it was a fireworks show that was starting.

Fences were knocked over when people started running. It was an open area with little in the way of shelter. Many of the people who were able to get on the ground were hurt by people running around them or by bullets. The massive group at the concert was trying to find an exit. Virginia McDowell was also at the concert. She talked to reporters about the number of people who were injured and the sights that she saw as people were bloody and motionless. One woman approached her in the crowd and told her that the blood on her shirt was her husband’s because he had been shot. People on the Las Vegas strip were hiding inside buildings because they didn’t know what was taking place. The man who caused the largest mass shooting in modern day history killed himself as officers swarmed his room.