It is difficult to talk about air conditioning, without mentioning Goettl Air Conditioning. This is a major name in the industry, which has offered a cool environment for homeowners for over 75years now and counting. Gust and Adam Goettl started the company in the year 1939, and since then, locals of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson and California have had a reliable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) partner. It is in times like now, when the temperatures are high and there is a lot of humidity in the atmosphere that customers and homeowners get to understand the relevance of Goettl. The company has specialized and well trained and certified technicians who have continued to tend to the needs of the homeowners professionally.

There are a few things that Goettl has brought to the attention of the homeowners, which are essential to look at with some insight. The phase-out of the AC Freon is one of the major concerns addressed in the recent past. By 2020, this particular refrigerant will not be on the shelves or in the conveyor belts being produced and hence, it is important for all homeowners who are using or are planning to get this refrigerant to plan early enough not to be caught up in the transition.

For starters, the Freon technically known as an R-22 refrigerant is that whose system produces hydro chlorofluorocarbon to the atmosphere. The consequence of this emission is the depletion of the ozone layer. This is the very reason why the Freon will no longer be imported or produced in the US as per the Vienna Convention for the protection of the Ozone, otherwise known as the Montreal Protocol, and which the US agreed to abide by.

As we draw closer to the 2020 deadline, most homeowners are trying to figure out what will happen next. What if my system running on R-22 requires replacement or repair? What is the alternative to the R-22? These are some of the questions that Goettl seeks to answer. It is of the essence to note that most of the technicians are misleading homeowners and taking advantage of the situation to make more money by recommending replacement of the whole system, something which Goettl sees as not necessary, especially if it is just a routine maintenance problem. With the high and uncomfortable temperatures, most homeowners fall into this trap and end up paying a lot of money, for no good reason. The R-22 refrigerant is almost similar to the R-427A and R-422D; hence repairs and part replacements are not as difficult to be done.

With the reduced production of the Freon, the supply in the market is reducing by day. With reduced supply, comes high demand and therefore, high prices for the few units in the market. Most dealers are taking advantage of the situation and homeowners are the ones suffering, having to part with averagely $7000 to get a new R-22 unit. Mr. Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl, categorically states that homeowners should seek to understand the problem with their AC system, before making the decision to purchase a new unit, as at times it might not be necessary. However, it is important to embrace and prepare well because the phase-out will not only be putting the Freon out of the market but also helping

us preserve the ozone layer to protect generations to come from the deadly ultraviolet rays of the sun.

With the Internet providing us with almost all the answers to the problems we might have on different things, it is important to note that, at times, the information might not be correct. It has become a norm for most homeowners to Google a solution once their AC system is faulty, and without knowing, they get the wrong remedy for the problem. Worst case scenario is that the recommended solution only worsens the problem.

People enter all the information on the Internet, the only problem is to authenticate, what is the correct and incorrect information. In a technical industry like HVAC, Goettl recommends inquiring from a professional other than just searching online and trying to solve the problem. It is understandable that the internet is a very convenient solution provider, but you stand to benefit by consulting a certified AC technician to get your problem solved right the first time.

All homeowners within the perimeter of operation of Goettl know very well that hotter days are yet to come. Do not let the high temperatures and humidity bring discomfort in your home because indeed these scorching days are fast approaching. At Goettl, you will talk to an expert who will explain and give you available alternative solutions to your AC problems. What more could you ask for?

All through these years of existence, Goettl has kept on offering the basic HVAC services and adapted to the dynamic needs of the industry as time went by. These services include, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, air quality systems, heating service and installation just to mention but a few. Goettl undertakes all the processes for your AC needs, from installation to repair without outsourcing. This applies to both residential and commercial properties. With the desire to offer the best service, Goettl uses and recommends the best equipment brands in the market today, a practice that has put the company ahead of its competitors.

Maintenance is one of the most important services that the company offers and to ensure the best results, the company hires well-trained and certified technicians who tend to the needs of the customers. Goettl has different maintenance plans, from which the homeowners choose, as per their preference. These plans give customers the guarantee of always having a well-functioning AC system. In addition to these plans, the company also offers discounts to customers on different services. For instance, on getting a customer membership club, you get to enjoy great discounts and priority when it comes to repairs.

The secret is simple, Goettl holds on to the principles on which it was built on many years ago. These are tradition, quality, honesty, reliability, innovation, and attention to detail. This is Goettl’s recipe of success and it has worked over all these years. Call today to get all your HVAC problems solved immediately. Trust me, it might be hard to spell, but Goettl will definitely keep you cool.

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