AIDS Walk Raises Money for People Struggling


AIDS is one of the most difficult diseases for anyone to deal with. Although the science around the disease has improved greatly in recent years, there are still many people who struggle with this ailment. There are numerous medical options for people to take in order to treat their issues. However, most of this medicine is really expensive. Without health insurance, few people can afford to pay for their medical needs.

Philadelphia is a city that was hit hard by the AIDS epidemic many years ago. There are still many people who live there who are passionate about fighting the disease. In a recent fundraiser, the city was able to raise more than $275,000 to fight the disease in various ways.

Health Insurance

One of the most important aspects of fighting AIDS is getting proper health insurance to help pay for the medical treatments. The good news for people struggling with AIDS is that there are various pills to take in order to improve energy levels and reduce the risk of developing other ailments.

The cost of the pills is extremely high. With all of the recent changes to the health insurance industry, many AIDS victims are struggling to afford treatment. Improving the educational options in this area is vital for people to have success fighting this disease.

Getting the City Involved

Philadelphia is a city that has a great community feel to it. There is something special about the city when everyone comes together to work on a specific cause. There are various people who are trying to raise more money than ever before to fight this disease. The recent AIDS walk was a success, and another one is planned for the coming months.

With thousands of people in the city suffering from this disease, more research is needed in order to help them live a healthy lifestyle. Now is a great time to spend more time and money researching this disease.