Cultivating Innovation on Osteoarthritis: Osteo Relief Institute


It’s been estimated that over 50 million American adults have some form of arthritis, with osteoarthritis being the most common form of this joint-related disease. Arthritis is not one disease but is rather a broad classification used to refer to various types of diseases that affect the health and proper use of the joints. Arthritis can lead to stiffness, swelling, pain, limited range of motion, and a whole host of other bothersome symptoms that can impact a person’s quality of life. What is osteoarthritis and how are treatment centers such as the Osteo Relief Institute helping people deal with the symptoms that arthritis can cause? What are some of the risk factors for developing osteoarthritis? What are some of the ways an arthritis sufferer can cope with the discomfort that arthritis can cause? We will discuss the answers to these questions in more detail below.


Osteoarthritis: A Common Malady


According to the Osteo Relief Institute, osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint-related disease across America. It is typically thought of as a disease that is closely related to the natural aging process. As a person gets older, it is normal for the protective layer of cartilage that acts as a cushion in the joints to begin to wear away. This can result in bones of the joints rubbing against other bones since there is less cartilage in place to protect and cushion them. As the cartilage continues to wear away, the affected joints can become painful, stiff, inflamed, and difficult to move properly.

Common Risk Factors for Arthritis

According to the Osteo Relief Institute, there are several different risk factors that can affect a person’s chances of developing arthritis. Some of the most common risk factors are listed below.


* Gender – Females are more likely to suffer from arthritis, but males do often develop the condition as they age as well.

* Family History – Genetics play some role in the development of arthritis, as a strong family history does seem to increase a person’s chances of developing the condition.

* Weight Problems – Carrying even a few extra pounds on their frame can increase an individual’s chances of developing arthritis and other joint diseases. Obesity drastically increases the chances of suffering from diseases of the joints.

* Age – The simple act of getting old raises the risk of developing joint conditions such as arthritis.

* Injuries – Traumatic injuries of various types can impact the long-term health of the joints and influence the likelihood of the person developing arthritis.

Daily Recommendations for Controlling Arthritis Symptoms


According to the Osteo Relief Institute, there are a few things that arthritis sufferers can do on a regular basis that will help control the pain and other bothersome symptoms that tend to occur with this disease. The following tips recommended by the Osteo Relief Institute provide a good place to start with performing self-management of arthritis-related symptoms.


* Gentle Exercise and Stretching – Gentle exercise performed on a daily basis can help reduce stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. Stretching before bed can also help reduce morning stiffness, a common complaint with arthritis sufferers.

* Frequent Breaks – When a person sits still for long periods of time, joint stiffness and pain can become worse. It’s important for arthritis sufferers to take frequent breaks to move about and stretch.

* Losing Weight – If an arthritis sufferer is overweight or obese, losing even a modest amount of weight can improve symptoms a great deal.

What is the Osteo Relief Institute?


The Osteo Relief Institute is a comprehensive treatment center dedicated to the holistic treatment of arthritis and similar joint-related diseases that impact millions of people across the United States. The dedicated medical professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute take great pride in providing the most technologically advanced and minimally invasive osteoarthritis knee treatments available today.


The Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to bringing back the quality of life that patients experienced before they developed arthritis, helping them to become active and robust individuals once again. Minimizing pain and discomfort while addressing the core of the problem using modern, technologically advanced treatment methods is the priority of the professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute.


Patients should always be treated with dignity and respect that goes above and beyond the basic doctor-patient relationship. The dedicated professionals overseeing patient care at the Osteo Relief Institute believe in treating their patients the same way they would treat valued members of their own family.


Additionally, since most patients prefer to save invasive procedures as a last resort, the Osteo Relief Institute specializes in non-invasive methods for treating osteoarthritis and related diseases. The majority of patients experience a great deal of relief with moderate and non-invasive treatment methods such as knee injections.


One of the most important aspects of finding and working with a medical facility and treatment team is finding a place that you fully trust to put your unique needs first. The Osteo Relief Institute recognizes that trust is a vital part of establishing a proper relationship that will allow for proper healing to take place. They put a great deal of focus on establishing a trusting bond from both sides.


The Osteo Relief Institue is considered a multi-disciplinary treatment center for arthritis sufferers and those with similar types of degenerative joint diseases that cause pain or otherwise influence their daily life. For this reason, the Osteo Relief Institue employs board-certified physicians and qualified physical therapists to ensure that each patient receives the most excellent, all-encompassing care possible.


The expertly trained staff members of the Osteo Relief Institute are taught to provide advanced FDA approved treatment options for joint conditions that help deal with the daily ramifications of these conditions without resorting to surgery. By using the most advanced and state-of-the-art treatment methods, patients can expect to see a reduction in pain and an overall improved quality of life with minimally invasive procedures.


The professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute continue to remain on the forefront of the fight against degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. With multiple locations throughout the United States, people from all areas can be provided with much-needed relief from their daily pain and struggles. Each location of the Osteo Relief Institute is independently owned, with highly trained professionals who have your best interests at heart. The Osteo Relief Institute provides free screenings to help determine whether or not specific patients can be helped with their procedures. They will explain every possible procedure and outcome in simple terms, helping each patient make the most out of his treatment at their facility.


The Osteo Relief Institute understands that making educated decisions regarding their own healthcare is something all patients desire ( Through creating an understanding and open dialogue, these professionals can help arthritis sufferers everywhere to make the best professionally-guided decisions regarding their healthcare treatment options.