Have the Eagles Taken Over as the Best Team in the NFC?


From the standpoint of wins and losses, the NFL has been a merry-go-round of sorts over the course of these first six weeks of the 2017-18 regular season.

There have been teams that started off hot only to end up sputtering over the last few weeks. One team went undefeated in the first five weeks only to lose to a 3-2 team that had been playing mediocre, according to its own standards. Also, in week six, a winless team found some momentum after handedly defeating a legitimate playoff contender from a few seasons back.

However, most people who are avid observers of professional football often harken back to last season’s results in the playoffs when forming their opinions about what teams are legitimate contenders going forward in this season. On the AFC side of the league, the preliminary conference contenders consists of the usual suspects.

If the playoffs were to start after week six of this season, the Chiefs, Steelers, Patriots, Titans, and Bills would have the first through fifth playoff seeds respectively. But on the NFC side of the league, a completely different story is unfolding. The NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons dominated their division and conference to advance to the Super Bowl last season.

If the playoffs were to start after week six of the current season, the Falcons would not even have a Wild Card spot. The number one seed in the NFC is currently held by a team that went 7-9 to miss the postseason last year: The Philadelphia Eagles. With a 5-1 record, the Eagles are somewhat of a quiet storm team silently charging their way toward serious playoff contention.

Not only that, the Eagles have won against teams that have been in the playoffs more than half the time over the last few seasons. If that is not impressive enough, it is also worth noting that the Eagles have earned three of their five victories on the road, including the Thursday, October 12th stunner against the surging Carolina Panthers, a team that was 4-1 before the contentious battle.

With 37.5 percent of the 2017-18 NFL regular season in the books, many professional sports writers have heralded the Philadelphia Eagles as the best team in the NFC. Others have said they may be the best team in the entire league right now. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson saw the vision after week four.

“[Our guys our] beginning to believe in themelves,” Pederson said to the media, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. It certainly seems as if this club’s top ball coach was right.