Strong Storm Brings Down Trees And Causes Damage


Residents who live in the Delaware Valley of Philadelphia woke up Monday morning to trees down and no power. Heavy rain started flooding streets as a strong storm slammed the area overnight Sunday and into Monday. The rain made commuting hard for most drivers. It also caused flooding in homes and parked vehicles. Dorzaser Taylor usually parks his vehicle on the street at night. High wind caused a utility pole to break and fall over onto his vehicle. There were also power lines that fell on top of it as well. Officers investigated, and the city worked to clear the pole and the wires from the car. Taylor now has to wait for the police report so that he can file a claim with his insurance company, which is what many people in the city are doing.

Regional Rail Lines saw numerous delays Monday morning because of the weather. Warnings were issued to commuters to check the schedules of public transportation to see if lines were operating behind or on a normal schedule. Valerie Lindsay is another resident who woke up early Monday morning to see damage to her vehicle from a tree that fell. Her neighbors alerted her as to what happened so that she could see for herself and contact the proper people to remove the tree and get her vehicle fixed or wait for other options.

These images were seen across the area after the storm went through. Trees crashed through roofs of homes and onto power lines. Residents got to work Monday afternoon to try to clear away as much debris as possible. City crews were also out in full force working to remove trees from roadways, rail lines, homes, and cars. The storm has now pulled away from the Philadelphia area, but it is heading for other states in the northeast.