Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner Discuses with Residents on how to keep the City Safe


Philadelphia currently has several soft targets that have always been a challenge to the city’s police department and other law enforcement agencies. The police commissioner recently spoke on why it is essential for the residents to participate in making the area secure. According to him, a tragic event such as the New York City attack can happen anywhere, and the police might not have the ability to stop it in time. The people of Philadelphia play an important role in protecting themselves. In the past one week, bikers, runners, and walkers have been talking about what if the New York City Incident Occurred in Philadelphia. The city has hundreds of mile of running and bike trails.

Mayor Jim Kenney also addressed the security state of the city while announcing the expansion of the Schuylkill River Trail. He said that the fact that such an attack could occur in New York City despite the extensive information and investigation network of its police department shows that people need to the keep striving to avoid it from happening in Philadelphia. Kennedy believes that tourist attractions are among the soft targets in the city. Frederik Poels, a Belgium citizen, said that the police in every part of the world including his motherland are doing their best even though the terror attacks still happen.

The city’s police commissioner, Richard Ross, said that he recently discussed with his counterpart in the New York Police Department about the terror incident. He further stated that police departments across the country exchange intelligence since they understand that attacks similar to the one in New York could happen anywhere. The commissioner had a meeting with the local clergy to speak about the necessity of the public’s participation in preventing terror. He told the residents that they have an obligation of informing the police whenever they see an abnormal behavior change in people that they know.

All primary running and bike paths across the city interconnect with busy roads. For example, Kelly Drive has a busy sidewalk where several individuals train daily just like the West Side Highway in New York. Residents of the city have decided to continue with their daily walking and running routines since they believe that attacks similar to the one in New York could occur anywhere. According to the Ross, the city will take measures such as constructing physical barriers on the running and bike paths, but this will not be enough to keep the people safe. He believes that awareness can significantly help in improving security.