An End To The SRC In Philadelphia School District


For well over a decade, there has been neglect of the Philadephia School System. Now, officials feel that it is time to take back control. There are approximately 200,000 students in the school system, and the city feels that they deserve the best education possible.
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney feels that if the city does not take control now, then the problem will get much worse in upcoming years. The Philadelphia School Commission will be replaced by the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Beginning in September 2018, a mayor-appointed school board will be in charge.
Recently, approximately 4,000 employees of the Philadelphia School District have been laid off due to lack of resources and funding. Approximately 30% of students are now attending Charter Schools. School officials feel that a mayor-appointed school board will bring an end to the tension between Philadelphia public schools and local charter schools. They feel that all schools should be equal in terms of quality and curriculum and that no school should be perceived as better than others. Some parents feel that a fully elected school board is best for the students.
In the next fiscal year, the Philadelphia Public School System will face a $100 million deficit, which will grow significantly in the next five years. The school system plans to spend its funds on quality resources for educational purposes.
The state of Pennsylvania has had control of Philadelphia schools since 2001, and this has proved to be ineffective. The district has had a shortage of teachers, low test scores, and unkempt buildings. In the next few years, it is the hope that the exterior of buildings will be remodeled, as well as classrooms and school libraries.
Many parents have expressed gratitude that there will now be a mayor-appointed school board, as they feel that the new board will now take accountability for the quality of education.
It is the hope of many that students will now be more successful in their improved environment.