Sixteen Year Old Turns Himself In For Double Murder


The Philadelphia area is still reeling from the murders of two boys killed in South Philadelphia. Now, there is news out that the suspected wanted by police in their murders as turned himself in. The suspect is sixteen year old Brandon Olivieri.

On Friday, Olivieri walked into the police station alongside his attorney and two of his closest friends. Police had issued a warrant for his arrest just hours earlier. As he entered, he had his face and much of his body covered by a black hoodie sweatshirt and a blank expression on his face.

The police had been trying to narrow down suspects in the crime for a while. On Thursday, a police bulletin featuring the address, photo, and name of Brandon Olivieri was leaked out on Facebook. It did not take long for some in the neighborhood to take this news very poorly. There were even shots fired at the home of Olivieri by someone out to seek their own form of justice.

The parents of the suspect were said to be “scared out of their minds” according to the statement given to NBC 10 Philadelphia by Olivieri’s defense attorney. This in part lead to the decision to have Brandon turn himself in.

It is possible that more people are involved in this crime. The report is that police are looking for as many as six different possible suspects in this one. Therefore, more news could certainly come out about this situation in the near future.

Both victims in this situation attended the same school together, but it is said that they were not friends. It is unclear as to why the two were together on Thursday when they were killed.

The South Philadelphia has come together around the families of the victims, and about one-thousand people in the area attended a vigil to honor and remember the victims. Members of the community have talked about how senseless this whole thing was. They are simply having trouble making sense of what happened and why.

There was a mass held for the two victims, and people were lined up around the block to pay their respects. It is something that has all in the area very shook up.

While speculation is running wild, there is no clear indication as to a motive for this crime. The police are still investigating the situation, and they are still looking into other possible suspects as well.