A Philadelphia Attorney Is Fighting For Lower Taxes


Attorney Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia attorney and resident. Tne one thing he loves most about Philadelphia is the people. Though Attorney Karl Heideck has his own firm, he fights for the rights of the people of Philadelphia on a daily basis.

Karl Heideck’s new word is on taxes. Philadelphia has just implemented taxes on soda. The only problem is only the stores in the poor neighborhoods are adhering to the tax law. The stores in the suburbs of Philadelphia are not accepting this tax law.

Attorney Karl Heideck believes this is going to be detrimental to the people in Philadelphia who are at or beneath the poverty level of income. Additionally, people who live in the poor areas of Philadelphia rarely get to the suburbs, so they are going to have no choice but to purchase soda from their local stores. This tax increase is going to make the current price of soda go up almost $1.

Karl Heideck is currently writing letters to the government, and he plans to hold several rallies over the next few months. Karl Heideck believes everyone should pay equal taxes on merchandise, and almost all of Philadelphia is on his side.

Attorney Karl Heideck took this situation even more serious when he discovered that lawmakers are trying to turn this tax into a sugar tax. That means every item purchased with sugar in it will go up about $1. It is estimated that sugar is in 70% of all products purchased from a local grocery store.

Attorney Karl Heideck is on the streets of Philadelphia every single day. He knows that there are people who are really rich and people who are really poor. This tax would make the rich pay less and the poor pay more. Attorney Heideck plans to do all he can to stop this tax from being fully implemented.