Aloha Construction Interior Design Tips


    When it comes to roofing, siding, and shingles, Aloha Construction is the expert. However, did you know they are now working on home interiors as well? Their new partner company Aloha Restoration Co. provides remodeling services, basement finishing, and fire and water damage restoration. Dave Farbaky, the founder of Aloha Construction, created Aloha Restoration Co. as a new division of the company so they can now remodel and repair your home inside and out and take you from ruined to restored in no time.

    Fall is here, and winter is coming. With it is the perfect time to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, floors or all of the above as the days get shorter and the cold keeps you inside. Ready to tackle that project you’ve been putting off? Use these interior design tips from Aloha Construction and their partner company Aloha Restoration Co. to complete it this season!


    Repainting a home is a big investment. The biggest tip from Aloha Construction is to paint your home last. Yes, you read that right. Pick out and purchase all of your furniture, rugs, and seating before you choose the paint color. You never know when you may change your mind, and you don’t want to be stuck matching all of your purchases to a permanent color on your walls.

    The second tip from Aloha Construction is all about paint color. Colors subconsciously set the tone of the room for your family and visitors, so making sure it portrays the feeling you want is important. Shades of blues, greens, and grays are popular choices because they’re easy on the eyes and easy to match with many different color palettes. Beige and shades of cream and white are also another common choice, but may not be right for you if you have small kids because the colors are so unforgiving to stains and marks. If you want to use a bright and bold color like red or yellow, it’s best to use it sparingly, as a backsplash for a kitchen or a statement wall, rather than for whole rooms.


    Choosing furniture for a home is all about style and comfort. However, there are still some important tips from Aloha Construction to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re not following a “theme” too much. For example, having a classic look is great, but sitting in uncomfortable Victorian chairs for the next ten years isn’t. It’s all about finding balance and sometimes that means sacrificing your vision for the comfort of your family and guests.

    It’s also important to be careful not to overcrowd your rooms, both with furniture and knick-knacks. Although it may work on paper, try to consider how this room will look and feel at the next holiday party or family function. Sometimes, empty space is just as important as the furniture itself.


    Kitchens are an incredibly social room in the house, so they should be designed to be large, open, airy, and spacious. When it comes to designing a kitchen with Aloha Construction and their partner Aloha Restoration Co, the key is fitting in a lot of functionality without crowding the space.

    Some tips for doing this include adding an island if possible if your family likes to cook, as well as making sure there are plenty of available outlets along the counter space to plug in appliances. Also, although open shelving can be trendy, it might be a good idea to give it a miss on your redesign. Open shelving is not practical and can look messy for families with kids who have crowded shelves and mismatched dinnerware.


    Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the house, and no one can deny that a non-functional bathroom can drive anyone crazy. While bathrooms should always look beautiful, it’s also essential that they are functional as well. So how can you make it look great and work great all at once? Aloha Construction shares their best bathroom tips.

    If your bathroom is short on space, there are plenty of ways to still fit in the storage you need. For example, if you don’t have any cabinets, use large decorative baskets to store linens and products instead of a plastic shelf or storage bin. You can also install a towel rack on the back of the door or inside the shower if you find yourself stuck without room for one on the walls. Next, consider using a corner sink to tuck it away from the center of the room and open up floor space for the rest of the bathroom. Finally, think about choosing a larger mirror to cover the wall and create an illusion of more space in the room.


    The floor in your home is functional, but it is also a lot more central to your interior design than you may think. The floor and its continuity through your home brings your entire house together. The great thing about modern remodeling is that your choices aren’t just hardwood or carpet anymore.

    There are plenty of imitation fake wood flooring options out there that will give you a classic look without breaking the bank. You can also go vinyl for a colorful, unique, or retro look, or even choose concrete for an industrial feel. Some people even DIY the flooring in small rooms with a more personal flair, like bottle caps, pennies, resin or reclaimed wood. Aloha Construction recommends doing extensive research and choosing a flooring material that fits your home and personalities best because the flooring options for your house are truly endless.

    Interior design inside your home can be just as important as maintaining your roof, siding, and exterior. Use these paint, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, and flooring tips from Aloha Construction and their new interior remodeling company Aloha Restoration Co. for you next interior design project!