Eagles Allowing the Fewest Runs in the League


The Philadelphia Eagles are poised to make NFL history this year, and their opponents have helped contribute to some of that.

This is happening because the Eagles are boasting not only a good run defense, but the absolute best one in the league at number one overall, holding opponents to just over 66 rushing yards per game. In addition to this, the Eagles are also gaining early leads in their games, and large ones at that.

Running the ball against the Eagles has proven problematic for other teams, since they’re only running the ball 18.4 times per game on average. That is a record low for teams in the NFL, as well as being two and a half runs fewer than any other team in the league previously before.

All of these are important statistics to know because in football, it’s a well known fact that teams can have a huge advantage in games if they are able to make their opponents one-dimensional by taking away part of their offense. This is especially true for the Eagles, because when teams are forced to abandon the run, they now have to throw the ball instead. When this happens, no one is happier than the Eagles’ defensive line, who now know what’s going to happen and can get to the quarterbacks.

However, a strong run defense isn’t the only reason the Eagles are doing so well. Currently, they have an 8-1 record, which sits atop the NFC East division and is the best in the NFC Conference as a whole, but some of that also has to do with quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz is in his sophomore year and his gameplay has been absolutely astonishing, along with the offensive running game and the offensive line helping it. Combined with excellent play from the secondary and the Eagles are now a very serious threat in the NFC race to the playoffs.

The Eagles next game will be in Dallas to face the rival Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. In their last seven games, the Eagles have run for more than 100 yards while also allowing under 100 rushing yards, too. The only opposing running back to run for more than 40 yards against them was Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs, and that was back in week 2.