Can Eagles Continue Dominating?


For many years, the Eagles were a mediocre team that was not going anywhere in the playoffs. However, over the past few seasons, the team has done a great job of building up a solid roster of talented players. With a future star at quarterback, the Eagles are suddenly dominating everyone in the NFL. This is great for fans who have stayed loyal to the team for many years.

There are several reasons that the Eagles are suddenly so good. Not only has the offense improved, but the defense is starting to dominate as well. The defense is built around a strong defensive line that causes issues when teams attempt to run or pass.

New Running Back

Another reason to think that the Eagles will continue to improve is that they just added a new running back in Jay Ajayi. He is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and he was having a great season with the Dolphins. The Eagles wanted to supplement their running game, and he fits a need that they have on offense.

In his first few games with the team, he has already started to make a difference. He is a much more physical runner than they had previously. This should lead to the team doing better on offense in close games.

Drafting Talent

With several solid draft classes over the past few seasons, it is easy to see why the Eagles are doing so well. The general manager of the Eagles deserves a lot of credit for what has happened.

The Eagles have one of the youngest teams in the NFL. This is allowing the team to sign other players who are less expensive but can still contribute. The team needs to start preparing for when Carson Wentz signs his second contract. Many NFL experts believe that he will be the highest paid player in the league when that happens.

Looking ahead, the Eagles still have some areas to improve on. This is a team that has quality depth and talent at many positions. Some people think that they will focus on getting more weapons for the offense in the offseason.