Eagles Beat Cowboys Without Elliot


Last year, the Cowboys were one of the best teams in the NFL. However, this season, the team has had to deal with numerous issues. One of the most public issues is Ezekiel Elliot getting suspended. Although Elliot fought the suspension with the NFL, several courts finally upheld the decision.

The Cowboys played the Eagles this week and lost badly. The Eagles are one of the most impressive teams in the NFL this year. In the city of Philadelphia, a lot of fans believe that the team is going to the Super Bowl.

Running Game

One of the biggest reasons that the Cowboys lost against the Eagles was the Eagles run defense. In addition, the Cowboys had to play their backup running back. Ezekiel Elliot is a dynamic player who can make things happen with the football. Without him in the game, the offense is simply not as good.

The Eagles have worked hard to improve their running game over the past few years. The Dolphins traded their best running back to the Eagles this year, and that trade is working out great for the Eagles. In the next few weeks, the Eagles are going to focus on the running game. If they can continue to improve, they will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

Defensive Play

The Eagles have a dynamic offense with a lot of weapons. However, their defense is what really stood out in this game. The Cowboys have a young quarterback who is doing a lot of good things. However, he is still a young quarterback who is going to make mistakes.

The Eagles were able to take advantage of a few early mistakes by Dak Prescott. This allowed them to get ahead early and then play with a lead. The Cowboys were forced to abandon the run game early on in the game. This is never a good sign in the NFL.

The Cowboys are now looking at missing the playoffs. At the beginning of the year, few people thought that the Cowboys would be in this position. The Eagles now have the best record in the NFL. Without a collapse, the Eagles will be playing the playoffs at home. This is a huge advantage in the NFL.