Homeless Man’s Kind Gesture Ends Up with More Than 300,000 Dollars to Help Him Back on His Feet


Last month when driving to Philadelphia on the I-95, a woman got stranded on the road when her car ran out of gas. However, she had no idea a homeless man would be the one to come to her rescue. Kate McClure, 27, got stuck on the side of the road next to a homeless man who was sitting near the exit ramp on the road. Upon seeing her, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. (the homeless man) immediately realized the lady was in trouble. He, therefore, instructed her to get back into her car and lock the doors as he went to look for gas at a nearby gas station. Ten minutes later, he came back with gas for McClure’s car having used his last 20 dollars on the purchase. McClure was beyond grateful, but she had no cash to refund Bobbitt. Showing more kindness, Bobbitt told her not to worry about it, but she promised to come back and look for him and refund the money, and away she went.

Beginning of a Friendship

The next day, McClure came back with her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, to find Bobbitt, refund his money, and give him a few supplies. Over the next couple of weeks, McClure visited Bobbitt taking with her a few dollars, gloves, a jacket, a hat, socks, and on one occasion gave him two gift cards from Wawa convenience store and a case of water. In the case of the gift cards, Bobbitt told McClure he couldn’t wait to show the guys he hangs out with what she had brought him. To McClure, this only showed her how good a man Bobbitt was and she purposed to do more to help him.

GoFundMe Campaign

Bobbitt, originally from North Carolina, is a vet. The 34-year-old has been living on the streets for one and a half years due to problems with drugs. He, however, acknowledges that his decisions are responsible for landing him on the streets and is working hard to clean up and get a job to get back to his feet. Having interacted with Bobbitt over the past couple of weeks, McClure and her boyfriend have gotten to know Bobbitt more. They, therefore, started a GoFundMe page to raise 10,000 dollars to help Bobbitt get an apartment, vehicle, and expense money even as he looks for work. More than 10,500 people have responded to the appeal and raised more than 300,000 dollars to appreciate Bobbitt for his kind gesture. Given that they have surpassed their target, McClure and her boyfriend have reached out to a lawyer and a financial adviser to ensure the money is put to good use. Bobbitt plans to spend part of the money to help individuals and organizations that have been of immense help to him during his time on the streets.