Can Philly Cabs Defeat Uber and Lyft?


Uber and Lyft bring forth serious competition for taxi cab companies all across the globe. In Philadelphia, taxi cab services are banding together to defeat Uber and Lyft in the marketplace. The idea at work among the cabbies in the City of Brotherly Love is simple. The cab companies want to deliver better customer service. In doing so, they may be able to overcome the competition from the popular ride-sharing services.

Essentially, PHL and Freedom taxis will work with Get-A-Cabs to create a larger fleet. A larger fleet could lead to shorter wait times when someone calls for a cab. No one likes to wait for a ride. Cutting down on wait time definitely works in any transportation service’s favor.

The collective of taxi cabs plans to institute upgrades as well. One problem with taxi cabs is they lack a number of modern amenities. Adding phone chargers and modernizing payment methods reflect two upgrades planned for the new super-fleet.

One huge hurdle exists that the cab drivers might be unable to overcome. Uber and Lyft rides come with much lower costs. Uber features the ability to ride with other customers at a reduced price. Uber has also lost billions of dollars and may be willing to continue to lose money rather than raise prices. Putting cab companies out of business may be worth the billions in losses. The losses could even be considered an investment since they may lead to eliminating competition.

The attempts to fight off competition seems noble, but the attempts may also seem to be futile. Uber and Lyft present a more convenient and less-expensive means of paying for a ride. The taxi cab may turn out to be a relic of the past whose time has passed. Ride-sharing services are likely to continue their domination in Philadelphia and elsewhere.