Philadelphia Set to Host Four of the Five Army-Navy Games


It comes not as a surprise that Philadelphia got the majority of the Army-Navy games in the next contractual cycle. According to the director of PHL Sports, it’s of his opinion that the games should take place in the city for all the years to come. Philadelphia has hosted 86 of the 117 contests. On Saturday, the tally goes up to 87 as the games are set to take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Four of the next five games are scheduled to take place at Lincoln Financial Field from2018 to 2022 except for 2021 when they take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

According to Needle, it’s a Philadelphia tradition to host the games. As a part of the organizing committee, Needle said that they were delighted with the results. As the contractual cycle comes to an end this year, Philadelphia has hosted five games out of the total eight. Baltimore hosted the games in 2014 and 2016 while Washington D.C hosted in 2011. There is never a time that the city takes it for granted. The Army-Navy games are the king of sports. It’s the most celebrated sporting event that is in high demand. As a result, Needle and the rest of the organizing committee go to work and delivers the games that the academies deserve.

According to the Naval Academy director, eight different cities bid for the Army-Navy football hosting rights. However, during evaluation, Philadelphia city was used as the benchmark. Gladchuck, the director, said that Philadelphia sets a bar while hosting the games. Mr. Needle has a way of delivering time after time. Additionally, he says that Philadelphia experience assures them of having a great game with better logistics. According to him, there are no expected surprises in the city. Having the games in the town gives the academies a degree of confidence and assurance. As a fact, Larry and his team have everything handled in time and has never fallen short.

The people of Philadelphia embraces the Army-Navy games. Additionally, Philadelphia has helped in the shaping of the game’s history. According to Ken Niumatalolo, the head coach of Midshipmen, the Army-Navy games are all about Philadelphia. The city provides an environment and hospitality that welcomes everyone. Philadelphia has for a long time, embraced the games with arms wide open. It has continued to engage all the stakeholders as it strives to enhance the Army-Navy games package.