Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Teams Up With Christ Haven Pentecostal Church For Christmas Toy Drive


The festive season is a time of giving and a section of Philadelphia residents were treated to an early Christmas courtesy of the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church in conjunction with Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions. The real estate company teamed up with the local church in a toy drive and holiday luncheon to usher in Christmas.

A Fun Day For The Kids

Kids are always gravitating where the fun is, and this particular event was able to engage more than 200 kids from the city. The fun-filled day saw kids from infancy to teenagers get themselves an array of toys to brighten their Christmas. This will mean a truly happy holiday for several families in Philadelphia, that would not have been able to afford gifts otherwise.

Children sit down for a meal at Christ Haven Pentecostal Church

The day was designed to bring the city together to enjoy an afternoon of good food and fun activities. Kids were engrossed in the cavalcade of fun activities that went on through the day. The idea was to foster a spirit of familiarity within the communities.  For their part the kids did not disappoint as they quickly took advantage of the opportunity to make new friends.

A Luncheon To Usher in The New Year

For the adults in attendance, the luncheon was a great opportunity for the people of Philadelphia to come together to celebrate the end of another year. Guests were spoiled with a menu featuring local favorites as well as other diverse offerings. A message of closeness during the holidays was the order of the day, as the community celebrated the impending holidays together.

The luncheon would not be complete without reiterating the importance of a close-knit community. All in attendance could agree about the loss of neighborhood closeness in recent years.  This toy drive represented an opportunity to restore the brotherly love that the city is known for. With hundreds of adults in attendance from all across the city, it was clear that the love and concern for each other could still be rekindled.

RPS Solutions Has a Reputation For Giving Back

RPS, like many others across the board, has always seen itself as one to lead by example.  They have organized similar toy drives in the past. Led by CEO Kevin Seawright, RPS Solutions is among the corporations at the forefront in empowering communities countrywide. Aside from such charitable events, the company is also built on uplifting people through home ownership. Helping them achieve their dream through provision of affordable housing as well as supporting programs for economic freedom.

Christ Haven Pentecostal Church has carved out a reputation in the neighborhood as a place for all since the 80s. Events of this kind have always been a major feature in the Church’s outreach. William F. Todd, Sr. started the ministry, and Christ Haven Pentecostal Church has always sought to offer hope and a sense of belonging in the community. The recent toy drive was another opportunity to continue that tradition. The people of Philadelphia can all agree it was a smashing success.

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