Quirky Philadelphia News Unveiled


If there’s still room on your 2017 Bucket List of things to do and places to see, Philadelphia may just have thrown back the covers on a host of newsworthy ideas that qualify as weird, wacky, oddball or offbeat. Closing shortly after the dawn of 2018, there is an exhibit at the Mutter Museum you must see to learn how the human body parts are connected together. Artist/medical expert Lisa Neilsson used Japanese mulberry paper and scrap paper products to create her intricate design. According to museum curate staff, these techniques have not been practiced since the 18th century.

Everyday via some form of mass media, the average American finds some wacky, weird or offbeat news item to laugh or at least chuckle about, but how much do we know or bother to research about the people behind them. Beginning in fast food, Don Polec was catapulted into the world of television as a disc jockey for a local Philadelphia television station while collecting material for his dream show to pitch to the networks. Ironically, Polec entitled his show “Exploring Quirky.”

Tragically, news accounts over the past few days have revealed that Polec is in imminent need of a kidney transplant but currently occupies his time with his wife assisting her in compiling a book of some of his wacky, oddball and quirky items he has either reported or written about.

The United States Mint where all coins are made including pennies is located across the street from the grave of Benjamin Franklin. Statistics have yet to be compiled for how many people toss a brand new penny on his grave each weekday or where they end up, but it proves that one of Franklin’s famous sayings “a penny saved is a penny earned’” is still alive and well practiced.