Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade


Despite the fact that the high on New Year’s Day is projected to reach only 21 degrees, the city has announced that the Mummers Parade will be held. While many will choose to watch the parade on television, if you plan on going or marching in the parade, then you will want to keep winter weather safety tips in mind.

Dress in Layers

It is important to dress in at least three layers for the parade that will kick off at 9:30 AM. The bottom layer should be made of natural fabric that helps move moisture away from your skin. Then, add a thick layer in the middle such as wool before topping it with another natural layer with zippers or vents to let any moisture escape away from your body. Gloves and head covering is also very important. Participants will be allowed to keep their RVs or buses with them in the staging area and on the parade route. If someone begins to feel too cold, then the audience will understand when you go inside for a few minutes.

Consider Warming Stations

There will be three warming stations that make beautiful places to watch the parade. The Kimmel Center will be open like it has for the last 13 years. They will also be offering hot chocolate along with other holiday activities. The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts will also be open during the festivities. The front yard of this school is often a great place to watch the parade while parade watchers can head indoors when they start to feel too cold. The Dilworth Park Cafe near the City Hall will also be open.

Getting to the Parade

Most city streets will be closed for the parade. Therefore, it is recommended that people use the bus system that will operate on a Saturday and major holiday schedule. The train will also be operating on the weekend schedule.

The Mummers Parade has only been canceled twice in its history. Organizers say that 2018 will not be the third. Therefore, make sure you prepare appropriately