Dr. Mark Mckenna Thinks You Should Be Able To Get Botox At Home!


Dr. Mark Mckenna BotoxDr. Mark McKenna has always had a knack for thinking outside of the box. Whether working in the real estate industry, as a doctor, or as an opportunity-seeking entrepreneur, McKenna has always demonstrated the unique ability to innovate.

As Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, he realized he had a wide variety of different skills to offer. At first, he considered becoming a doctor but instead decided to pursue a career as a real estate developer.

Though initially successful, McKenna’s real estate company was devastated by the effects of Hurricane Katrina. But—as time has continued to demonstrate—when McKenna is faced with adversity, he finds a way to adapt. Combining the skills he acquired in medical school and working in the world of business, McKenna reinvented himself as a medical entrepreneur and has been continually adapting ever since.

One of McKenna’s greatest qualities is his responsiveness to opportunity.

Dr. Mark Mckenna of OVME McKenna’s first medical company (ShapeMed) was a commercial enterprise that offered access to a variety of different cosmetic medical treatments. ShapeMed quickly established itself as an innovator in Atlanta’s cosmetic medicine community and by 2015 the company was successfully acquired by Lifetime Fitness.

Between his experience in the real estate industry and experience running ShapeMed, McKenna became recognized by his peers as a remarkably responsive innovator. With both endeavors, McKenna saw that a given market presented an opportunity for improvement, and McKenna was willing and able to compete in response.

At the prime age of 43, McKenna has the youthful energy needed to be a market innovator and the experience needed to create organic value. As long as there exists an opportunity to do something better, it seems McKenna will look for the opportunity to do so.

OVME is making Botox treatments more accessible than ever before

McKenna’s newest business endeavor—OVME—is another company that is based in Atlanta and is set to be launched in spring of this year (2018). OVME was created in response to obvious inefficiencies in the Botox industry and is the manifestation of the clear need for market adaptation.

In order to create OVME, McKenna thoroughly examined the Botox industry and thought about possible ways it could be improved.

  • Scheduling an appointment was too difficult and time-consuming
  • Patients felt as if they lacked the ability to choose a practitioner they were comfortable with
  • The terms and conditions of a given treatment option were not always entirely clear
  • Needing to go to a specific treatment center seemed to be an unnecessary inconvenience

These are just a few of the problems that clearly demonstrated something needed to be done in order to improve the Botox administration industry. But in order to solve these problems, McKenna knew he would not only need to recognize them but also find a way to offer some sort of organic value.

The ways in which a business can offer its clients organic value include making something more useful, more demanded, and also more convenient. McKenna created OVME in an effort to achieve all of these goals and more.

With the OVME App, individuals who are looking for at-home Botox treatments can choose from a variety of different freelance practitioners. By having a network of potential practitioners to choose from, clients can be assured they are getting quality treatments at fair prices.

With the additional ability to have a treatment occur in the comfort of your own home (at a time of day that is convenient for you), Botox treatments are clearly becoming more accessible than ever before.

OVME is clearly a company that creates organic value

Dr. Mckenna OVME The difference between OVME and its potential competitors is that—as a consequence of McKenna’s innovative business model—OVME has an app offering something that cannot be found anywhere else. Even if you could find an at-home Botox practitioner through a friend’s referral, without OVME, you can’t be confident you are getting the best deal available.

OVME creates a sort of freedom that consumers are constantly looking for. With OVME, you are free to choose from a variety of different options, free to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home, and free to work at a time and a price you are comfortable with.

As time goes on, it is almost certain that other entrepreneurs will recognize the organic value that Dr. Mark McKenna has be able to create. This sort of innovation is difficult to ignore. However, Dr. Mark McKenna is no stranger to the industry—if his past experience with ShapeMed is any indicator of the future, he will surely be able to continue growing and embrace future competition with grace.

Even as an industry innovator, the way in which OVME will remain competitive is by continually listening to the needs of its clients. By responsibly listening to client feedback, thinking about ways in which things can improve, and paying attention to even the smallest of details, McKenna will remain poised for long-term success.

The future is already beginning to unfold

As we continue moving into the 21st Century, the way in which the cosmetic treatment industry is moving is clear. As time goes on, the benefits of OVME’s unique business model will become increasingly obvious, and the company itself can be expected to grow.

The reason that most industries are generally trending towards the usage of home services is quite apparent. If something could be done from the comfort of your own home, then it is very likely you would want it to be done there—such a trend is why major companies such as Amazon and even Uber have been able to become quite successful.

By cleverly using technology to increase consumer choice, drive down costs, and make things more convenient, Dr. Mark McKenna is clearly changing the Botox industry for the better. As the public eagerly anticipates the launching of OVME this very year, it is clear that an era of customer-service and constant-innovation is something that is well underway.