Snow Causes Issues For Philadelphia


The recent snowstorm has caused several headaches for residents in Philadelphia. Most of the people who live in the city have dealt with inches of snow at one time, but it seems like this season is relentless. Roads were covered with ice and snow Thursday afternoon and evening after the storm finally started to pull away from the area. Drivers in the city used caution when traveling, but there were still accidents reported. As the temperatures continued to drop, slush and snow made for hazardous icy conditions. City officials urged drivers to stay off the roads unless it was an emergency.

Large trucks and buses were stuck on the roads because they couldn’t get up hills. The passengers on the buses had to get out and walk up the hill to reach their destinations. People have walked on the sidewalks in the city to get to work and to get to other places they needed to be, some slipping around while they got their footing on the snowy walkways. Thursday started with only a few flurries, but by mid-afternoon, the city was white. Businesses in the city didn’t let the snow interfere with operating hours as many stayed open until early in the evening.

This is the largest snow storm of the winter season. There have been other minor storms that have dropped a few inches, but the whiteout conditions have made life a bit miserable for many residents. There is a slight warm up in the future, but another storm is already taking shape that could impact the Philadelphia area over the next weekend. Residents are trying to make the best of the situation, some staying inside and baking while others bundle up so that they can go outside to play while they can. Schools have not made a decision as to whether they will close on Monday after the storm because they are waiting to see if roads will be cleared in time.