USHealth Advisors Opened The Door To A New Life For One Man


Miracles happen every single day in the world, although you might not expect them from USHealth Advisors. But point of fact, you are a walking miracle. Think about it, every breath that you take, and every moment you are alive is a miracle. You will never find that sort of thing on social media. Every person has a story, and Randy Hildebrandt’s story is one to remember.


After a difficult time, Randy learned that building a better business and moving forward with your life is easier said than done. He was born in Texas, where everything is big. His dreams of being big in his life, work, gratitude, and heart were no different than the bigness of Texas itself. In fact Randy grew up watching and idolizing a man who seemed to be bigger than life itself, Nolan Ryan.

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As a baseball player, Nolan Ryan was the king of the strikeout, at least that’s what he was known for. He had a huge presence on the mound and was considered a giant in his era of baseball. He retired from his career as a Major League Baseball player in 1993 with a huge record of 5,714 strikeouts. Ryan was a great player. His 13 season career led him to play with two Texas teams, both the Rangers and the Astros. Randy wanted to be just like him and become a pitcher for the major leagues.


By the time he was a junior in high school, Randy was throwing 92-mph fastballs on a regular basis. He was blowing it up on the mound.  Which unfortunately led to Randy blowing out his shoulder his senior year  in high school. Though his surgery was successful and he played for his local college team, Randy’s shoulder couldn’t survive the stress of playing and pitching so often. His shoulder injury was the end of his major league dreams.


He put baseball behind him and decided to take his big dreams elsewhere, which led to the field of economics and business. Randy got accepted into Texas A&M University, where he began his chosen major. He hated it, and he wondered if his chosen major was for the money instead of the passion. It seemed like he couldn’t find his dream.


Desperately, Randy started by putting his resume on two websites in attempts to get noticed. It wasn’t long before a woman named Connie gave him a call with an opportunity for a career. Randy was skeptical, and after a few words of encouragement, Randy took the opportunity. He hopped in his vehicle and drove 200-miles away to a meeting where he sat with eight other people.


One by one, the people began to leave the room as the leader talked about the business and the opportunity. Before too long, Randy realized that he was the last one left in the room. He gave the man his resume and went home. Just one day later, Connie gave Randy another call to let him know that he had an interview later. He went to the interview, took the test, and get started in his new job.

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USHealth Advisors CEO Troy McQuagge

Six months brought about Monday meetings 200-miles away from home, and he still had no idea what he was doing, what he was selling, or how to work the job. He was close to quitting, leaving it all behind, but one day, Randy began to take a look at the big-wigs in the office. He started paying attention to what they were doing, and he began asking them questions.


Finding a mentor was a huge help for him, and Randy listened to that mentor until he knew what he was doing and was confident enough to work the business on his own. Instead of watching the big dogs, he became one of the big dogs.


When you look at Randy today, his work with USHEALTH Advisors, which is a company that focuses on helping people during difficult times on a regular basis. In fact, their mission at USHEALTH Advisors is through their HOPE program, better known as Helping Other People Everyday. Randy is now married with children of his own, and his work as one of the Satellite Division Leaders would not have happened if he had given up on his career opportunity earlier in his life.


Randy’s story is one that many people can utilize in their own life. When starting a business, it is always great to keep pushing, find a mentor, and work toward your goals and dreams no matter how big they may seem.

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