Can the Eagles Upset the Falcons


The Eagles were one of the best teams in the NFL this year. However, an injury to the team’s star quarterback has the Eagles in a tough spot. Although the team has a great record, there are many people who believe that the Eagles will lose to the Falcons. Last year, the Falcons had one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. Although the Falcons are not as good this year, many people expect the Eagles to lose the upcoming playoff game.

Although it will be tough, it is possible for the Eagles to win without Carson Wentz. All areas of the team will have to play without major mistakes.

Stop the Falcons

Last year, the Falcons were a dangerous offensive team. Not only did the Falcons have a strong running game, but the Falcons also had a dynamic passing attack. The Falcons were just a few plays away from winning the Super Bowl.

The Eagles have a defense full of talented players. In order for the Eagles to win, the defense will have to come up with some big plays. The Eagles need to concentrate on forcing turnovers. If the Eagles can force a few turnovers, they will have a chance to win.

Offensive Strategy

The Eagles need to focus on controlling the ball when they are on offense. When the Falcons have fewer possessions, they have a lower chance of winning the game. If the Eagles can run the football effectively, they can sustain long drives and maintain possession of the ball. This is the best plan for the Eagles to come out with a win.

Jay Ajayi was acquired in a trade with the Miami Dolphins this year. He has been one of the most consistent running backs in the league since the trade. The Eagles will rely on him to gain yards throughout the game.


Another positive aspect of this game is the fact that the Eagles will be playing at home. Eagles fans have been waiting decades for their team to win a Super Bowl. Many people think that the Eagles have the talent to make it to the championship game. The crowd noise could play a major factor in the upcoming playoff game. If the Falcons start committing a lot of penalties, it could impact their ability to score.