Philadelphia Animal Shelters Uniting To Save Animals


Eighty percent of the dogs and cats that enter the shelters in Philadelphia leave there alive. This is a drastic increase from 13 years ago. Only 10 percent of animals in Philadelphia left the shelters alive 13 years ago. Even though this is great news, experts say that there is still room for improvement.

Three large organizations that oversee animal shelters have teamed up in order to save animals. They have formed the Philadelphia No-Kill coalition. They stated that their goal is to stop the killing of healthy animals that can be adopted. They eventually want to make sure that no healthy animal in the shelter is killed.

In 2017, the shelters were able to save 82 percent of the animals. Only 11 percent of animals were saved in 2005. One of the reasons that more animals are being saved is because of the spay and neuter programs. The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia has hired two people who work full-time to spay and neuter stray and feral cats.

There were only 18,000 animals at the shelters in 2017. Melissa Levy works for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. She stated that the shelters have made tremendous progress in recent years. She also stated that they will continue working until every animal owner has the help that they need. Additionally, she said that they will work until every homeless animal has a home.

Mayor Jim Kenney has joined the shelters in their effort to save animals. No Kill Philadelphia is also looking for volunteers. They stated that if people cannot volunteer, then they can send in a donation. There are also resources available for people who cannot afford to take care of their pets. They stated that a pet should only be taken to a shelter as a last resort.