Philadelphia Eagles Going To Face The Minnesota Vikings


The Philadelphia Eagles are getting closer to the Super Bowl. On Sunday, January 14, 2018, the Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons. The score was 15 to 10. They are scheduled to play the Minnesota Vikings on January 21 at 6:40 p.m.

The Eagles-Viking matchup is an exciting one. Stefon Diggs, who is a wide receiver for the vikings, scored a touchdown at the last minute during the game against the New Orleans Saints. Philadelphia beat Minnesota when they played back in October 2016, but a lot has changed since then. Nick Fogles is the starting quarterback of the Eagles. Case Keenum is the starting quarterback of the Vikings. Neither one of these players were on the roster during that time. Additionally, neither one of these players were starters when the season began.

Many people predict that the Eagles will have a tough time beating the Vikings. The Vikings had the best defense during the entire season. The Vikings were able to prevent more of their opponents from scoring points than any other team.

The Eagles also have a great defense. They only allowed their opponents to score 10 points or less during the three most recent games. This is the sixth time that the Eagles have made to the NFC Championship game during the past 18 seasons. They are hoping that they will be able to reverse their trend of losing the NFC Championship game. They have lost four out of five of the NFC championship games.

The tickets for the Eagles and Vikings games will be available on Tuesday, January 16, 2017. The price of the tickets will range from $170 to $255. Standing room tickets are available for $135. You can get the tickets from Ticketmaster. People are encouraged to get their tickets quickly because they will run out fast. If you do not get your tickets from Ticketmaster, then you can buy them from the secondary market.