Eagles Focusing On Business Upon Arrival In Minneapolis For Super Bowl Appearance


The temperatures had dipped below 20 degrees in Minneapolis as the Philadelphia Eagles players unpacked and settled into their hotel rooms. But there was nowhere in the world the team would rather be as the reality of competing as the National Football Conference’s representative in Super Bowl 52 is now staring them in the face.

Eagles Coach Doug Pederson thanked Eagles fans as the team boarded the flight that would transport them to Minneapolis. Coach Pederson said that the send-off from the fans present is “a great way to go.”

Coach Pederson wanted fans and the city of Philadelphia to know that the team is taking the upcoming week in Philadelphia with the same approach they have taken the last week of preparations in Philadelphia: All business.

Pederson says the team had a good past week of practice and he expects this to carry over to an equally productive week in Minneapolis.

The team had a smooth flight to Minneapolis and once landing was reminded immediately just how big an event they would be a part of as camera crews lined up to get footage of the team as they exited the plane.

Star safety for the team Malcolm Jenkins says “It’s exciting,” when asked about the attention the team was receiving in Minneapolis. Jenkins also went on to express that the best feeling would be if the team can return home to a similar reception after bringing a National Football League Championship to the city of Philadelphia.

The Eagles have no obligations to the media until late Monday when the team is expected to allow access to a made for television program ‘Opening Night.’ The first full practice for the team will take place on Wednesday. Members of the team are scheduled for conditioning and treatment protocols in addition to attending meetings with coaches on Monday and Tuesday.

For owner Jeffery Lurie this is a colossal moment. Lurie says the thrill of winning the NFC Championship is still a source of pride for him but that for the entire organization the bigger picture of becoming world champions has taken precedence over all else.

During Lurie’s leadership of the team, the Eagles have won eight NFC East divisional titles and been to the NFC championship game six times. Lurie and the Eagles made a Super Bowl appearance in 2004 and were unsuccessful in that bid to become world champions. Lurie now has another chance to see his team gain the only accolade that has so far escaped him.