Philadelphia Eagles Look Ahead to Most Important Game in Franchise History.


When the Philadelphia Eagles started up their season just a few months ago, even the most ambitious of player would have hesitated to predict a Super Bowl appearance. The NFC East was considered one of the most difficult divisions in all of football and many pundits didn’t even have Philadelphia coming out as the top dog in the pile. Yet here we are, just a week away from the Super Bowl, and Philadelphia is ready to go out and make history. Of course, Philly will have to take out one of the most legendary franchises of all time in the New England Patriots.

In order for Philadelphia to overcome New Englands vaunted Tom Brady/Coach Belichick combination, the Eagles will need to see veteran backup QB Nick Foles put on a historic performance. Of course, Foles showed that he was capable of dicing up even the best defenses in the league thanks to his dominant performance against Minnesota in the NFC Championship game. Still, that doesn’t mean that Foles is going to be able to abuse a prepared Patriots team led by one of the best coaches in the history of the game. So what does this all mean?

Fortunately, Foles will have some extra links on his leash for this matchup. Philadelphia sports one of the best defenses in all of football and the Eagles should be able to use their front four to create real pressure on Tom Brady. Unfortunately, Brady has a habit of figuring out elite defenses and that leash will only hold for so long. Philly head coach Doug Pederson has worked wonders in preparing Foles for a playoff run but now Foles will need to lean on his own talent in order to make something happen.

In 2013, Nick Foles helped lead the Eagles to the playoffs before summarily collapsing and losing his starting gig. Since then, Foles has bounced around the league before ultimately returning home to Philly. Foles took over the starting gig when MVP candidate Carson Wentz or his ACL and LCL and many thought, at that moment, that the Eagles’ storybook season was all but over. However, it isn’t. With one game left in the year, Philly needs only to outperform their expectations for four more quarters in order to become one of the most shocking Super Bowl champions of all time. The question remains: will Foles show up and get the job done