Philly Police Getting Ready to Protect City From Eagles Fans


After the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC Championship game, fans went crazy. Not only did they take to the streets to celebrate, but they also climbed poles across the city. Those fans who took themselves to great heights to show their excitement over going to the Super Bowl accomplished a real feat, considering that many of those poles had been covered in Crisco.

Yes, Crisco – the ingredient used in pies and cookies – was a weapon that city officials used. A team of plainclothes officers, nicknamed the “Crisco Cops”, were seen greasing up poles. However, their efforts didn’t seem to thwart enthusiastic people who wanted to shout out praises for the team from as high a perch as possible.

With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, the city’s police department is getting ready to double down on its efforts to keep everyone safe.

Crisco is probably not going to make the cut, and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross is staying quiet on what exactly his officers will use this time around. City officials feel that their next strategy will be more effective at keeping people down on the ground. Additionally, police officers will be stationed throughout the city, especially in areas of downtown where large groups traditionally gather. Merely the presence of the police should act as somewhat of a deterrent for fans who try to stir things up.

Climbing poles is a practice that is seen after wins (and sometimes losses) by the city’s major league teams. Reports of Philadelphians climbing poles date back to the 1970s when climbing a 30′ pole covered in grease was actually a sanctioned competition during an Italian Market Festival in South Philadelphia. For various reasons, the pole was taken down and didn’t make an appearance again until 2016. While climbing the greased pole during the festival is a regulated activity now, such antics at any other time are not encouraged. Such behavior can lead to the damage of city property as well as injury and traffic disturbances.

Eagles fans aren’t exactly known as being the most polite bunch. They’ve beat up the Redskins mascot, jeered at their own quarterback right after he was drafted, and even thrown snowballs at a man dressed up as Santa. Whether they win or lose, they’re sure to be outspoken about their team’s performance on Sunday, and city officials just hope they do it safely.