Philadelphia Keeping Plans for a Potential Super Bowl Parade Under Wraps


The city of Philadelphia and mayor Jim Kenney don’t want to jinx the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, to be played Sunday, February 4. Kenney announced on Twitter this week that the city has “no plans right now for a parade – we don’t want to jinx it!”, referring to a celebration after the fact if his city comes out victorious. Though that statement is perfectly fine to make publicly, it is also almost certainly false.

Large cities like Philadelphia need to plan ahead for such massive gatherings, like if the Eagles take home the Super Bowl title this Sunday night. A march will occur afterwards, as will a parade with the team in the coming days. These are tremendous undertakings for city security, public safety, and logistics. They cannot be left for the last second.

And further details indicate they won’t really be left to the last second in 2018 either…if the Eagles manage to defeat the New England Patriots.

The most likely scenario here is that Kenney and company have their exact plan but are holding it private to avoid embarrassment. When the Eagles faced the Patriots back in Super Bowl XXXIX, NE coach Bill Belichick reportedly used Philly parade plans as a rallying cry for his club, taunting his players with the knowledge that the event was scheduled.

Such a misstep means nothing in actuality, as every city must plan ahead, but allowing Belichick to use that information emotionally for his team’s benefit is something the Eagles cannot risk again.

After the Phillies won the World Series last decade, the city took more precautions and didn’t announce a plan until immediately after the series was won. Of course, releasing a fully formed parade plan for a massive city like Philadelphia seconds after the event completed seems to indicate the opposite of what Kenney says here. There has to be some type of plan already in place.

Those passionate fans who believe in jinxes and curses – and Eagles fans could certainly fit the bill – must appreciate Kenney’s reserve. Nothing would be worse than a parade plan leaking again, benefiting Belichick during one of his pregame speeches, even if it was for the purposes of public safety.