Eagles Win Super Bowl


The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. In one of the biggest upsets ever, the Eagles were able to play a complete game and beat the Patriots. In fact, the Eagles were ahead for almost the entire game.

Just a few years ago, Nick Foles was about to leave the NFL. After getting cut by the Rams, he thought about pursuing a career as a pastor. However, he decided to give the NFL one more try. He went back to the team that originally drafted him. Although he was a backup, he knew that he could play if the team needed him. When Carson Wentz was injured during the season, Nick Foles became the starting quarterback for the Eagles.

Offensive Production

The offensive production during the Super Bowl was fun to watch. Both teams had trouble stopping the opposing offense. The Eagles stayed aggressive despite leading throughout the game. Last year, the Patriots mounted a furious comeback to beat the Falcons. The Eagles were prepared for any tricks that the Patriots might try.

Alshon Jeffrey had a great game at wide receiver. Throughout the game, the defense had trouble guarding him. Before the game, it was announced that Malcolm Butler would not play. Malcolm Butler is one of the best cornerbacks in the league. This was a huge surprise, and some people are wondering if this was the wrong decision for the Patriots to make.

Building a Team

Just a few years ago, the entire Eagles roster was in shambles. Many people thought that it would take years for the Eagles to become competitive again. However, the Eagles hired a new general manager and he had a plan to fix the team.

He quickly cut players who were taking up too much cap space. In addition, he signed free agent players who had been cut from other teams. He targeted players who were drafted high in the draft. These players had talent, they simply did not mesh well with the team that drafted them.

The general manager also decided to sign Nick Foles. This turned out to be a great decision for the team. It will be interesting to see if Nick Foles wants to stay with the Eagles. Some people have speculated that he may retire from the NFL.