Philly Native Kevin Hart Shows Eagles Pride at the Big Game


It’s not every day that the Eagles win the Super Bowl; in fact, this blessed feat had never occurred—until just a few short days ago. Trouncing the highly favored New England Patriots in a riveting finale that was hailed as one of the best Super Bowls of all time, the Eagles won with 41 points. Of course, this was a great surprise to those who believed that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was unbeatable. Especially with Philadelphia’s bad luck in the wake of the injury of franchise quarterback Carson Wentz, the situation looked pretty dire. However, Nick “Saint Nick” Foles took over quarterbacking duties and led the Birds to an astonishing victory. And no one was more excited about it than Kevin Hart.

In the immediate aftermath of the win, Hart could be seen approaching the stage upon which the players and coaches were invited. However, a security guard informed Hart that, although he was aware of who the comedy sensation was, he would not be permitted to step onstage. Hart’s expression revealed incredulity and shock. Although he demanded to be permitted up on stage with the Eagles, the security team was steadfast in their attempts to keep Hart at bay. Later on, Hart would reveal his disappointment in a series of Instagram posts, poking fun at himself and also agreeing that the security guard had the right idea. The comedian stated that he would have only embarrassed himself further if he had been permitted to join the team onstage. In fact, he even stated that he would like to send the security guard a wine basket for not allowing this to happen.

However, just because Hart wasn’t able to get up onto the stage, this did not mean that he didn’t continue to make his presence known. Crashing an interview with the NFL Network, Hart then decided to drop a cuss word that the powers-that-be were none too pleased about. It wasn’t long before he was escorted out of the area. But Eagles fans love their team—and they love Kevin Hart. Wearing a throwback Eagles letterman jacket, Hart’s emotions were relatable to Philly fans. Many got a kick out of his ebullient celebration, especially considering the fact that history had just been made