What are the Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2017?


Mobile applications, also known as apps are gaining popularity with an increase in the use of smartphones. Mobile apps are the software designed to run on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are developed for the platforms like Android, iOS and using programming languages such as HTML, Java, C++, objective C, etc.

Mobile Application Gaining popularity in developing economies

Economies such as India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia are the fast growing economies. These economies are becoming mobile only or mobile first providing limitless opportunity for the mobile app development companies. According to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI), mobile application market in India is estimated to be near $3 billion more than China, by 2026.

Google Play Store is more popular in APEJ region as compared to the Apple App Store which is dominant in Western Europe and North America.

Here are the mobile app development trends that will impact the mobile app development in 2017

Wearable Devices Gaining Traction

Wearable devices are rapidly developing bringing live access to the data. Wearable products are being developed for various industries such as fitness trackers and sensors, smart watches, wristbands, on-body sensors and smart rings.

Wearable devices are becoming new platforms for mobile app development companies and developers. Wearable market is set to witness more devices that will receive commands through the app on Android and iPhone to enable the features. There will be a rise in demand for apps that will help in managing wearable devices.

AR and VR appearing next frontiers for Mobile

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the most important mobile app development trend to watch out this year. With games such as Pokemon Go, Sky Siege, AR development will continue to rise. Many tech manufacturers are launching VR headsets and have started gaining popularity. Mobile applications have also started integrating AR and VR in the apps with the hardware available in the market. The mobile apps will also experiment features such as hands controls and other advanced features.

Increase Focus on Security in the Mobile Apps

With the rise in security threats, user authentication has become necessary in all the applications, especially in the apps dealing with the financial transaction. Both Android and iOS app developers are focusing on building in-app security features. Mobile app developers will also focus on the apps that ask for access to the unrelated data, as this makes it easier for hackers to access the device and steal confidential data. According to the HP Enterprise Mobile App Security Report 2016, out of 36,000 mobile apps examined, 96.52% of mobile applications failed one or more privacy tests. Hence with an increase in the use of mobile applications, there is a need for better security measures.

The Rise of Mcommerce

Mobile application development trend for Mcommerce is growing with the increasing number of people using Apple Pay and Google Wallet for making payments. Mcommerce is mostly used by financial services mobile banking, bill payments, users are also able to place the order and pay online using Paytm Wallet or Google wallet.

Growing number of smartphone users is paving the way for Mcommerce. Moreover, witnessing the growing popularity of Mcommerce, telecom companies are also introducing Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) smartphones.

The mobile application has become ‘one-stop’ solutions. With the increase in application downloads, companies are investing more in the development of mobile apps. With technological innovations, mobile app development will also become more popular among the customers.

  • Haniska Roy

    The future of mobile apps development trend looks bright and challenging with seductive and innovative features. Quality will always be stable and, consequently, a key factor in the development of futuristic, agile mobile applications for both niche and mass markets. Whether you are a business owner, encoder, quality coach, designer or innovator, exciting times ahead are in the advanced development of software development.

    Mobile application technology has been reciprocating with every new day and infusion of new innovations. The world is becoming more and more dependent on mobile applications and mobile technology, as people find it easy to do their things with versatility. These innovations related to agile mobile app development will definitely match the world to all factors with positive consequences.