Richard Mishaan Design: Your Next Piece Awaits at Luxe Home Philadelphia


***UPDATE*** June 30th, 2017–  Richard has recently been featured in the Elle Decor June 2017: “Scene & Heard”  article, check it out here.

“‘I nearly always design from a place of need,’ says Richard Mishaan, who decorated the house in Amagansett, New York, featured on page 170.  He also creates custom furniture for clients, as well as pieces for Bolier and Dering Hall.  When he can’t find the right console for a client—say, one with the lines of a vintage piece but made from modern materials—Mishaan starts sketching.  ‘My best pieces are born out of a specific situation, but they seem to fill the very same niche in a wider market,’ he says.”

A touch of class is what can be used to describe Richard Mishaan Design. The firm is a world leader in interiors and design. Based in New York, Richard Mishaan Design is associated with some of the most iconic interiors works in New York like the Trump World Towers and The Shelborne Hotel. Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Colombia and grew up in Bogota and partly in Italy. His childhood was surrounded with the colorful cit



ies of Colombia, which has continued to influence his design and style to this day.

Quality furnishings with a functional design can be hard to come by, but I have found all of his pieces to be perfect for a myriad of different lifestyles. Luxe Home Philadelphia carries many iconic and elegant pieces from the designer. His emphasis on individualized style helps to create beautifully eclectic rooms; full of artwork, vivid colors, yet always sophisticated.

Mishaan is among the most sought-after interior designers. His work is stylish and expansive, often seamlessly integrating old with new to create exotic finishes. Mishaan came to New York in 1978 where he attended the New York University for his BA. He also attended the ColumbiaUniversity School of Architecture. Richard Mishaan’s career began as an apprentice at the offices of Philip Johnson in New York. He was able to acquire a wealth of experience in architecture, interior design, and fashion. This unique blend, coupled with his Colombian heritage, has propelled the designer to be on the A list of top interior designers around the world. Philadelphians are lucky to have some of his gorgeous pieces available at Luxe.

As a designer who understands quality and luxury, Richard Mishaan Design has been an obvious choice for clients who need a rich blend of stylish designs that ooze sophistication and make a bold statement. Mishaan is bold on colors, perhaps resonating with the colorful cities of his native Colombia where he spent his childhood.

His first interior job was the presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. He was tasked with designing the interior of the suite to mirror its class, a job that he completed to perfection. After his first job, Mishaan’s career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. His niche has been mostly on home design and hotels.


A Master Curator

The reputation of Richard Mishaan as a mix master is seen in the elegant blend of modern and traditional pieces in his designs. The designer can effortlessly bring antique pieces into ultra-modern spaces, creating a seamless but sophisticated result. His skill of creating harmony with new and old has made him a favorite designer among collectors. His keen eye for detail, coupled with over 27 years of experience make Richard Mishaan Design an authority on stylish and sophisticated home and hotel interior design.

While some designers would be content delivering just the normal, Mishaan has set himself apart in the industry. You don’t need to seek any explanation on Mishaan’s designs, they just speak for themselves. From hotel suites to apartments and private residences, Richard Mishaan makes each job a journey from the ages. And this journey has in part been impacted by the heritage of the places that the designer has spent a part of his life. The designer is comfortable undertaking skillful interior jobs with African Tribal, the Seventeen-Century French, and Italian Neo-Classic finishes. Richard Mishaan says that layered and rich interiors are the best. The designer loves creating synergy between collected pieces that have a common aspect in their texture, tonality or the excitement that the owner of the pieces derives from them.

Fusing New With the Old

As a designer who works on collected pieces from ancient times, Richard Mishaan got a chance to put his skills on his own project, a house in Cartagena. The 16th-Century residence is situated along the coast of Colombia, a place where Mishaan used to spend his winter days as a child. While on a commercial assignment, the designer bought the residence and set about renovating it. The residence is in a place that is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means that he had to follow strict rules on the preservation of the residence. The renovation job took him two years, and the result was a reflection of the colonial era in which the residence was built. Right from the ceiling to the walls, Mishaan painstakingly revived the old colonial atmosphere, adding only minimal contemporary designs. The designer furnished the house with furniture and décor from his own collection, to complete the work. Stepping into the house, you are taken back into time, thanks to the artful genius of Mishaan’s interior design.


Bold on Color and Design

One of the factors that stand out in Mishaan’s designs is the bold use of color. To Mishaan, color is something critical, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it to achieve the desired results. Most of his designs have a unique blend of several color palettes to bring out different moods. His apartment in Manhattan is a testament to his boldness on color. Hung on his library wall is a large David Hockney portrait that splashes the room with color. Mishaan is also known for his love for the extraordinary.
Being a collector, his interior designs usually entail pieces that have been collected from different ages. For example, the seating in his house in Cartagena is from his Homer collection. He expertly fuses collectibles with modern pieces in an arrangement that creates perfect harmony. His designs speak of a free and playful mind that is not limited to mainstream ideas on design. Mishaan says that one consistent item in his designs is the ability to make disparate ideas coexist beautifully. His inspiration comes from traveling and visiting exhibitions, as well as in movies and fashion.

A Busy Man

Ever since he completed his first project, Mishaan has been a busy man. From New York to Colombia, Richard Mishaan Design tells of tales of a master craftsman. Some of the projects that attest to this include the Upper East Side Estate, the 93rd Street Sales Centre, the Hamptons Summer Home, the Upper West Side Townhouse and the Kip Bay Boys and Girls Show House, among others.

The rich patterns, handcrafted pieces, careful arrangement and             excellent finishes tell of a man who has mastered his craft well. When not designing, Richard Mishaan is busy writing books and being a family man. The designer is an author of two books; Artfully Modern (2009) and Modern Luxury (2009). Mishaan lives with his wife Marcia and two kids, Nick and Ali.

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