A Sense of Fall – How Richard Mishaan Design Tackles Fall Design Trends of 2017

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In some ways, autumn is every bit as beautiful a season as spring, if not more. The thought of fall presents us with a picture of brightly colored leaves, warm scarves and sweaters worn with favorite boots, a faint blush as the cheeks are exposed to crisp, cool air. It brings to mind warm coffee and the beginning of hot chocolate season, always topped with whipped cream. Some of the most beloved holidays of the year–Halloween and Thanksgiving–bring a spirit of excitement to autumn. It’s a welcome respite from the sweltering summer, and it eases us gently into the colder months of winter.


It’s a well-loved time of year, and full of inspiration for interior designers to incorporate into their work. When it comes to paying tribute to the vibrant colors of fall, there’s no one better for the job than Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan himself has a long and faithful love affair with color which began with his childhood in Cartagena, Columbia. The colorful cities awed and inspired him, and he took that with him when he opened his own firm in New York City in 1991. With Richard Mishaan Design, he has established himself as a master of color. None of his rooms are ever without it, and he knows the best way to draw the eye with it.


And there are so many colors to choose from when it comes to fall design. The easiest are warm, earth tones. As the temperatures start to drop, people seek a sense of warmth and coziness for which earth tones are famous. Warm browns and oranges, deep red, and soft yellow all reflect the changes of the outside world. It’s the perfect season to work with wine red or amber in your centerpieces. Autumn is the sunset of the year, so deep, warm hues work best. Warm colors do not, however, have a monopoly on fall. Navy blue is another popular color to incorporate in fall designs, a deep blue to represent the night sky. Dark, woodsy green is also a good color to incorporate into an autumnal theme.

Elle Decor, Richard Mishaan

Autumn is not only about colors, though. It’s a textured season, one to provoke all the senses: the sound of crunching leaves under your boots, the feeling of crisp air on your cheeks, the scent of apple cider and the taste of cinnamon. Fall is a season of layers, and the best way to incorporate that into a design is to layer the space with various textures, each evoking a different feeling or sensation but blending together seamlessly. Many designers use wood pieces, sheer gold cloth, or houseplants in their design to add an authentic, rustic texture to the room that suits fall so well.

The art of seamlessly blending textures together for one cohesive design is a tricky one, but one that Richard Mishaan Design does well. Mishaan is known for a “maximilist” sort of style, combining elements with different patterns, styles, even from different periods into a room to create a look that’s wholly unique. As long as it all comes together in the end, the more varied the mixt the better. He’s even written two books on the subject: Modern Luxury in 2009 and Artfully Modern in 2014. Through a combination of styles that spark the senses, Richard Mishaan Design can turn a room into a cozy getaway with an autumnal look that’s both unique and luxurious.


That’s the main goal with fall-inspired interior design, after all: as beautiful as fall is, it marks the beginning of the colder months of the year. It’s this time of year where people will want more and more to stay inside where it’s warm. Interior designers are faced with a challenge: create a space with the warmth and comfort of home but the essence and beauty of fall. This isn’t just something to be achieved with residences, either. As people travel during the holiday season to meet with their friends and family, many hotels try to create a warm, homey environment for their guests.


Richard Mishaan is no stranger to this request. For years, he has worked with luxury hotels as well as houses. While residential clients may ask for a luxurious touch like the last hotel they visited, hotels almost always ask for a design that “feels like home.” This is especially important in autumn and it’s something Richard Mishaan Design does well. So well, in fact, that Mishaan tried something similar with his Cartagena getaway home: a mixture of modern and classic, hotel luxury and cozy comfort, all came together for a masterpiece of a project. By curating fine art and centerpieces from all over the world, Richard Mishaan Design creates an indoor autumnal vibe that stays cozy, even on grey, stormy days.


Fall invokes creativity, color, a combination of light and dark themes, and most importantly, the warmth and comfort of home. It serves as inspiration for anyone who creates: artists, poets, composers, and yes, interior designers. It’s the time of year when people will get the most out of their home, or will seek the most homelike experience from their hotels as they travel to be closer to loved ones. Fall is a busy, innovative time of year for designers, and as the fall trends begin to descend upon the world of home and hotel decor, designers like Richard Mishaan are not only ready for it but leading the way. We’re beginning to see that it’s rooms which evoke the sense of fall, not just the sight of fall, that really stand out this season.