Glen Wakeman, Shares Business Insight


Glen Wakeman has a long line of successful business ventures in his wake. Some people are simply born with the knack for identifying and growing a lucrative business project; others have to work to hone that skill over time through lots of practice and patience. Glen Wakeman is a rare combination of both. He has decades of business planning and strategizing under his belt, but the type of insight that Glen Wakeman has into the business world cannot be attained through time and experience alone. He has an innate way of sensing the types of cycles and obstacles that a business will face before it even opens its doors to the first customers. As Glen Wakeman will tell anyone in any industry, the ability to anticipate challenges and respond to them before they become fatal problems is what sets thriving businesses apart from those that are a total loss.


Glen Wakeman had been searching for a way to share his unique talents in business and beyond. He had already been serving as a mentor to many young business enthusiasts, but he thought that there had to be a way to pass along his knowledge on a grander scale. Glen Wakeman starting finding that so much of the advice that he doled out to young professionals would be applicable to many different business opportunities. This is how he came up with the idea for LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company develops and rolls out software programs for young entrepreneurs to get their businesses going. Glen Wakeman has thought of everything aside from the initial idea that launches a business.


The idea behind LaunchPad Holdings is that entrepreneurs should have as many systems in place as possible so that they can automate many of their essential processes. This will increase efficiency and allow businesses to operate at capacity from a procedural standpoint. Of course, the best software in the world will not replace the importance of hard work and a positive attitude in embarking upon an adventure in business, but it will help the most determined of the next generation of budding entrepreneurs to get their ideas in action. The system that Glen Wakeman designed for his clients is universal in nature but flexible enough to be adapted to different businesses. He wanted to create something that was easy for business owners to use and understand and did not require extensive training. Glen Wakeman is very sensitive to the fact that time is money when starting out on any type of business project.


When entrepreneurs first use the system created by Glen Wakeman, they are immediately blown away by the attention to detail that went into anticipating and planning for their every need. Whether a business is based in manufacturing or service, Glen Wakeman has developed a way to streamline as many of its operations as possible right out of the gate. Even if a business is fortunate enough to find a venture capitalist who is willing to invest in it right away, minimizing costs should still be a top priority. This is the major reason why Glen Wakeman has worked to provide his software at an affordable cost and plans to keep doing so. This is true even while demand is higher than ever for the amazing value that the LaunchPad software has to offer.


Once a company is up and running, Glen Wakeman has decades of experience in sizing up how it is performing and identifying areas where it can immediately improve. He has been invited to consult with some of the largest companies in the U.S. and to share his insight into how companies can increase their market share and maximize performance. From all of his years of studying companies and analyzing their potential, Glen Wakeman has narrowed down his analysis to only five factors that he thinks can be targeted to improve company performance:


  • Leadership development
  • Human capital
  • Execution
  • Risk management protocols
  • Governance


Glen Wakeman has written extensively on these factors and is convinced that they can tell you everything you need to know most immediately about a company. These factors were derived from his 30 years of traveling around the globe in an executive capacity for General Electric. He has seen the same types of challenges and successes in a long list of different countries and across various sectors.

Even though Glen Wakeman has worked at the most elite level of corporate governance, he is able to distill and communicate complex ideas on a very relatable level. He believes in empowering all members of a corporation’s team and thinks that a company’s message and strategy should be communicated to all levels of employees. This makes for a more harmonious and efficient corporate environment. According to Glen Wakeman, the more that a company can bring all of its employees into the fold of its vision for growth and success, the stronger it will be in the long run.


If there is one attribute that Glen Wakeman is best known for in the business world, it is finding and nurturing leadership potential. Glen Wakeman is a graduate of the Six Sigma program and achieved the prestigious status of black belt level. He has amassed countless accolades for leadership in business over the years that he has served in an executive capacity and has never rested on his laurels since. Rather than hoarding all of this valuable information and experience to himself, Glen Wakeman has always been more than willing to empower the next crop of leaders in business. He is a firm believer in the role of human potential in taking a company to the next level (


One of the most important lessons that Glen Wakeman shares with up and coming leaders in business is that they have to have confidence in their own abilities before leading others. This means taking risks in which they have their own skin in the game. The ability to take ownership of their own choices and professional development is key for new business leaders. Glen Wakeman pushes all of his mentees to get out of their comfort zones as early as they can in their careers. It is far less costly to make mistakes when you are just starting out in business than putting everything on the line after you have achieved a certain level of growth. The ability to size up risks and march forward in the face of less than certain terms is what makes or breaks a leader in business. Glen Wakeman encourages his followers to take calculated risks in business.

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